Fight 2 Win 150 Full Results: Romulo Barral Defeats Tanner Rice In Main Event

Photo: @romulobarral

Fight 2 Win came back again after an exciting series of matches at F2W 149, and they followed it up with even more action at F2W 150.

In the co-main event, Ronaldo Junior took on Marcio Andre in the gi.

Andre began the match by pulling guard, but Junior was able to quickly pass and nearly took his back, though Andre was able to recover and protect himself. Andre managed a smooth sweep before returning the match to the feet, and though Andre again pulled guard, Junior wasted no time in bringing the pressure to his opponent to get past. Junior worked to expose the back and attempted to get hooks, though Andre somehow managed to retain his position. Junior then switched things up by pulling guard himself and securing sleeve grips on Andre. He returned to guard after the two were reset in the middle of the stage, working to tie up Andre so he couldn’t pass. In the final thirty seconds of the match, Andre went for a belly-down foot lock, and Junior countered with an aggressive attempt of his own. Neither was able to finish the submission before time ran out, however, and Andre was awarded the split-decision victory.

In the main event, Tanner Rice face Romulo Barral in Barral’s F2W debut. Barral started the action by pulling guard and moving into single-leg X guard. He swept Rice, who then scrambled to his feet to move the match back to standing. Rice attempted a takedown, which Barral easily defended, then tried to scoop up a leg to again try to bring the match to the ground. Rice continued to pressure forward with takedown attempts as the clock wound down with a minute left to go, and Barral shook off what may have been an accidental eye poke. With about fifteen seconds left to go, Rice pulled guard and came back up, going to his knees for one more takedown attempt before time ran out.

The judges awarded the victory to Barral via split decision.

Full Results

Photo: Fight 2 Win
– FightersSubmission/Decision
Romulo Barral defeats Tanner RiceSplit Decision
Marcio Andre defeats Ronaldo JuniorSplit Decision
John Combs submits Ruben RiveraKimura (SOTN)
Kody Steele def Dave GarmoSplit Decision (FOTN)
Joe Baize defeats Joe DierkhisingDecision (New Masters LVHW NOGI Champ)
Javier Gomez defeats Lucas Lima(New Masters FW Gi Champ)
Andy Varlea defeats Alex LarmeyDecision
Afranio de Sousa Silva defeats Walker MaddenDecision
Cristobal Chavez-Davila defeats Geoff RealDecision
Luis Felipe Ninja Pinto Submits Art VegaChoke
Chad Kodiak Fields defeats Stephen EakinDecision
Vinicius Carvalho Garcia defeats Matheus OliveiraDecision
Marcus Dempsey defeats Eddie GallagherSplit Decision
Rodrigo Lopes defeats Dylan WhyteFoot Lock
Andrew Tackett defeats Orlando CastilloDecision (FOTN)
– Brown Belt
Nate Nasca defeats Sam VillalobosDecision
Keven Carrasco defeats Ben Wilefordchoke
Zach Cothren defeats Justyn DuranDecision
Kaleb Germany def Jake Hartnersankaku-jime (SOTN)
Andreza Morais defeats Jennifer RiveraSplit Decision (FOTN)
Joao Costa defeats Lucas Norat LopesDecision
– Purple Belt
Chase Dunlap defeats JD OrtegaDecision
Kemoy Anderson submits Lewi GaultAmerican (SOTN)
Ray Pina defeats Louie NavarroDecision
Nicholas Magers defeats Alec BaudanzaDecision
Levi Kurtovich defeats Steven GalvezDecision
Taylor Leonard submits Giancarlo PiniArmbar
Cesar Nunez defeats Robert RobinsonDecision (FOTN)
Matheus Azancot defeats Jacob ScottArmbar
Francisco Papasidero defeats Cody LehrDecision
Dylan Martinez Submits Bryan ScamblerHeel Hook
Lucas Espinoza Submits Patrick McafeeChoke
Colbert Capps defeats Jon TaftDecision
Erica Snow Barnes defeats Rhodes FaradayDecision
– Blue Belt
Louis Dowd submits Michael CaicedoHeel Hook
Tiffany Butler submits Taylor ClarkeInverted Triangle Armbar (SOTN)
Marco Mendes defeats Brian GeigerDecision (FOTN)
Tony Kell Submits Patrick DooleyChoke
Ian Batista Submits Shay StetlerArmbar
Gabe Rednose defeats Randall GoodsonDecision
– Teens
Helena Crevar defeats Carolina VieraDecision (New Teen NOGI FW Champ)
Katherine Lo defeats Savanna AguirreDecision
Xavier Rodella submits Gui BalmanteVon Fluke Choke (SOTN)
Reese LaFever defeats Colby HernandezDecision
Michael Francis defeats Jett Maughan split dec FOTNSplit Decision (FOTN)


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