Fight 2 Win 170 Results: Josh Hinger Claims Master Middleweight Title Against Formiga


Fight 2 Win 170 saw an exciting night of matches, following up an unforgettable main event at last week’s F2W 169Max Gimenis and Guilherme Augusto went head-to-head in the co-main event of the evening, while the main event of the night featured a close battle from the guard that ended in Josh Hinger claiming the F2W master middleweight title from Rafael “Formiga” Barbosa.

Co-Main Event

Max Gimenis vs. Guilherme Augusto

After some grip-fighting on the feet, Gimenis pulled guard and then got a sweep by transitioning from x-guard to an omoplata. Augusto then worked guard himself, controlling the pant leg and trying for a sweep with Gimenis on top. Gimenis alternated between passing from the feet and staying low on the knees, finally managing to get to side control with about two minutes left in the match. Augusto got to his knees and then his feet as he tried to reverse the position and bring Gimenis to the ground. The two got too close to the edge and were reset in the middle on their feet. Augusto then pulled guard, but despite their best efforts, neither competitor was able to capitalize on the position.

Max Gimenis was declared the winner by unanimous decision.

Main Event

Josh Hinger vs. Rafael “Formiga” Barbosa

Barbosa started the action with a guard pull, and Hinger stayed low as he worked to pass. Though Barbosa did a good job of retaining his guard at first, Hinger managed to transition to mount eventually. Barbosa soon trapped one of Hinger’s feet, and Hinger kept the pressure down on Barbosa’s head and arm. Hinger briefly succeeded in getting his foot out, but Barbosa then trapped Hinger’s other foot. Hinger moved to the side, and Barbosa grabbed a lapel to try to control his opponent. As the clock wound down, Hinger again got his trapped foot free, and Barbosa countered by switching to trap Hinger’s opposite foot. Neither athlete was able to finish the fight before time ran out, and Hinger was declared the winner by unanimous decision, taking the F2W master middleweight title.


Black Belts
  • Josh Hinger def. Rafael Barbosa via decision
  • Max Gimenis def. Guilherme Augusto via decision
  • Jonnatas Gracie def. Matheus Luna via decision (FOTN)
  • Mike Anderson def. Matthew Waltmon via decision
  • Camron Couch def. Tony Trammell via decision
  • Jorge Escudero Barba def. Colton Roelofs via flying triangle (SOTN)
  • Westin Vance def. Angel Lopez via paper cutter
  • Ruben Rivera def. Cameron Adair via decision
  • Tyler King def. Marc Botindari via decision
Brown Belts
  • Anthony Robinson def. Tony Oviedo decision (FOTN)
  • Mark Francescutti def. Jeffrey Robinson via paper cutter (SOTN)
  • Emil Fischer def. Kevin McCormick via heel hook
  • Felipe Rocha def. Marlon Tanaka via decision
  • Kemoy Anderson def. Wesley Arnold via choke
Purple Belts
  • Bri Robertson def. Monia Salazar via heel hook
  • Erica Barnes def. Hannah Sternblitz via decision
  • Rafael Fernando da Silva def. Troy Mercer via decision
  • Tarean Byars def. Amador Barraza via decision (FOTN)
  • Joao Pedro Silva de Souza def. Caleb Phillips via armbar (SOTN)
  • Guilherme Fernandez def. Jesus Rivera via choke
  • Freddy Benavides def. Brian Huskinson via decision
  • Jorge Galvan def. Joel Phelps via split decision
  • Dylan Martinez def. Brandon Bennett via decision
  • Scott Reed def. Michael Petrus via toe hold
  • Abby Jane Furrh def. Tyler Brown via choke
Blue Belts
  • Brett Nicholas def. Alessio Pastorino via split decision
  • Daniel Bicheler def. Bradley Herring via Ezekiel choke
  • Blake Bradshaw def. Jeremy Omar Martinez via decision
  • Alfonso Kaihau def. Jone Kane via choke
  • Romello Chandler def. Cody Lehr via decision (FOTN)
  • Kaleb Speas-Mack def. Jacob Klau via decision
  • Nation Gibrick def. Alexander Leon via armbar
  • Sienna Rodriguez def. Katherine Steenburgh via split decision
  • Mikayla Castillo def. Tianna Zsanae Ward via flying armbar (SOTN)
  • Ryan Bunch def. John Hanson via kimura
  • Dustin Martinez def. Christopher Moran via split decision
  • Isaiah Sanchez def. Evan Wise via ankle lock
Kids and Teens
  • Bryanna Orange def. Abbigail Staples via decision
  • Thien Long Rencher def. Liam Barron via decision (FOTN)
  • Connor Stallmer def. Eli Valdez via armbar (SOTN)
  • Sophia Lopez def. Berlin Davis via decision
  • Colton Allen def. Daniel Aguilar via guillotine
  • Hope Russell def. Charli Plummer via decision
  • Elijah Peterson def. Jameson Olliff via armbar
  • Lukas Mermingez def. Rhett Turner via decision
  • Adrian Gallardo def. Andres Cuellar via decision
  • Jordan Riddle def. Fidel Villegas via split decision


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