UFC Vegas 24 Results: Robert Whittaker Defeats Kelvin Gastelum In Five-Round Brawl


Every fight on the main card of UFC Vegas 24 went the distance in action-packed fights. First, Andre Arlovksi took on Chase Sherman in a co-main event that replaced the previous co-main, the latter of which was canceled when Drakkar Klose was injured after a shove from Jeremy Stephens during the weigh-ins. In the main event, Robert Whittaker and Kelvin Gastelum put on a clinic in a fight that was originally supposed to happen in 2019 before Whittaker had to pull out just hours before the event to undergo emergency surgery.

Co-Main Event

Andre Arlovski vs. Chase Sherman

Sharman started the fight with a solid punch, and both fighters stayed cautious of each other for a whittle while before Arlovski moved in and landed a few big hits, briefly ending up in the clinch. Sherman worked to control the center of the cage, and Arlovski focused on throwing a few leg kicks, throwing in a few quick punches for good measure. Both fighters had a big punch exchange, and then Sherman landed the most damage of the fight so far as he got Arlovski against the cage and battered him with punches. Arlovski escaped danger and brought the fight back to the center of the cage. There were a few more big strikes from both fighters, but neither was able to finish the fight in the first round.

Both fighters came out strong in round two, with Arlovski countering Sherman’s combos with solid kicks. Sherman landed a big body kick of his own, which Arlovksi countered with another combo. Arlovksi continued to land successful straight punch combos and kicks to the leg and body. The athletes consistently exchanged back-and-forth action until, with about a minute and thirty seconds to go, Arlovski secured a body lock on Sherman and forced him against the cage. Sherman broke free with a little under a minute left in the round. Arlovski continued to batter Sherman’s legs with kicks and nearly knocked Sherman’s mouthguard out with a punch just before the bell rang.

Round three saw more consistent action from both fighters until the action was paused due to an accidental groin kick from Sherman. After Arlovski returned to the center of the cage, he and Sherman went all-in, each landing successful combos to the head. A big hit from Arlovski seemed to stagger Sherman. The fight only slowed down in the final minute of the fight, though both fighters tried to get a few more hits in before the end of the fight.

Andre Arlovski was declared the winner via unanimous decision.

Main Event

Robert Whittaker vs. Kelvin Gastelum

Gastelum landed a big leg kick on Whittaker, trying to control the center of the cage. Whittaker then came back with a big combo that finished with a huge kick to the head that knocked Gastelum back. Whittaker then got a big takedown, ending up inside Gastelum’s half-guard and throwing some elbows from the top. The fighters stayed there until, with about thirty seconds left in the round, Gastelum scrambled up to his feet, where they stayed until the bell rang.

Round two saw Gastelum try to snatch up a single-leg on Whittaker. Whittaker defended successfully, and the two exchanged a few combos, Whittaker landing a few leg kicks before again taking Gastelum to the ground. Gastelum hurried back to his feet and tried to pressure Whittaker back to the cage. Whittaker pushed forward, though, staying consistent with kicks and punch combos. With under thirty seconds to go in the round, Gastelum pushed Whittaker against the cage in the clinch, each fighter landing a good leg kick after they broke apart.

Gastelum came out heavy in round three, finishing a combo with a big left hand before landing an accidental groin kick on Whittaker. After a brief pause, Whittaker came back with a solid head kick, which Gastelum countered with a kick of his own. Both fighters stayed consistent, with Gastelum working to control the center of the cage and Whittaker doing an impressive job countering his opponent’s combos. Whittaker found more success in the final minute of the round, with his punches and kicks soundly hitting their mark. He nearly brought Gastelum to the ground, but Gastelum was able to get back to his feet and stay there until round three ended.

Gastelum tried and failed to get a takedown at the start of round four. Neither fighter was slowing down, with Gastelum pushing Whittaker back with heavy combos and again trying for a takedown. Whittaker didn’t seem fazed, though, throwing a flying knee and then a high kick to keep Gastelum at bay. Whittaker landed an uppercut and then another head kick. Gastelum’s left ear started to bleed. The athletes each displayed technical offense and effective defense until the fight moved into the fifth and final round.

Whittaker opened the round with a head kick, and Gastelum countered with a strong punch combo. Gastelum continued to control the center of the cage, clinching up with Whittaker and pushing him against the fence. Whittaker broke free and finished a combo with a body kick. Gastelum was noticeably slower than in previous rounds, but was still throwing persistent combos. With two minutes left, Whittaker easily took Gastelum to the ground, ending up in top half-guard. Gastelum tried to roll out of danger, and Whittaker nearly managed to take the back, before Gastelum worked his way back up to his feet. At just over thirty seconds to go, Whittaker again brought Gastelum to the ground and successfully got both hooks in. Though Gastelum escaped back control, he ended up in the bottom with Whittaker in his closed guard. Neither fighter was able to finish the other before time ran out, and the result went to the judges.

Robert Whittaker was declared the winner by unanimous decision.

UFC Vegas 24 Full Results


  • Tony Gravely def. Anthony Birchak via TKO (Round 2)
  • Austin Hubbard def. Dakota Bush via decision
  • Gerald Meerschaert def. Bartosz Fabinski via guillotine (Round 1)
  • Jessica Penne def. Lupita Godinez via decision
  • Alexandr Romanov def. Juan Espino via technical decision (Round 3)

Main Card

  • Luis Peña def. Alex Munoz via decision
  • Tracy Cortez def. Justine Kish via decision
  • Jacob Malkoun def. Abdul Razak Alhassan via decision
  • Andrei Arlovski def. Chase Sherman via decision
  • Robert Whittaker def. Kelvin Gastelum via decision



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