Fight 2 Win Releases End-Of-Year Results, Pays Out Over $565k To Athletes In 2020

Image Source: Fight 2 Win

Despite a tough year filled with strategic and financial strife due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Fight 2 Win still paid out well over $500k to athletes competing on their shows during 2020, according to a just-released annual report.

According to a report shared by the promotion, F2W paid $565,770 to competitors. Though their geographic reach was hobbled this year due to COVID-related restrictions, they still made it to 7 states and 9 cities. They were able to host an impressive 960 matches over the course of 29 events, and true to their label as a sub-only event, they saw 429 submissions take place on the stage for a submission rate of about 45 percent.

F2W CEO Seth Daniels shared a heartfelt message that accompanied the numbers:

Im more proud of the work Fight To Win did in 2020 then any year prior. Even with COVID, going near bankrupt and getting shut down multiple times we still pulled off nearly 30 events and paid out over $565k. Praying like everyone else for a better 2021 but am prepared to keep grinding for pennies, cause I love this shit. Thank you to our sponsors, Flograppling, Gilleys Dallas, 2300 Arena, The Fairmont Hotel, anyone that bought tickets, everyone that fought on the show (most making nothing) and most of all my crew who worked for nothing or minimum wage so we could stay in business. Love all of you.

This was the first time in three years that F2W hadn’t surpassed the $1 million mark in athlete pay, having first crossed the threshold in 2018 and going up to $1.2 million in 2019. Still, simply surviving as a business during 2020 is a feat in itself, and being able to still pay out over half a million dollars to athletes in a niche sport this year is a serious achievement to be proud of.


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