Mason Fowler Submits Satoshi Ishii In Overtime At SUG 19 To Retain Championship Title

Reigning Submission Underground champion Mason Fowler took on Olympic gold medalist judoka Satoshi Ishii in the main event of SUG 19.

Fowler pulled guard and tried to frame against Ishii’s pressure, eventually switching to rubber guard and then to a shoulder lock attempt. Fowler continued to adjust the submission and put Ishii in danger for a moment, but Ishii was able to step over and escape danger. Fowler returned to playing rubber guard and then tried to transition to the shoulder lock again, but Ishii shut it down and pushed Fowler against the cage. Fowler managed to work his opponent into a triangle, though he wasn’t able to keep him there for long.

Fowler won the overtime coin toss and deferred to Ishii, who chose to start off by attacking the arm. Fowler escaped in two seconds and chose to attack Ishii’s back, securing his place there with his body triangle technique until time ran out.

In the second round, Ishii again attacked the arm, but Fowler escaped in three seconds. Fowler chose the back again when it was his turn to attack, trying to transition to an armbar as the clock wound down. Ishii managed to get out with about 20 seconds to go.

In the final round of overtime, Fowler again escaped Ishii’s arm attack in two seconds. Fowler chose to attack the arm for his offensive round and submitted Ishii with an armbar in eleven seconds, further cementing his championship title retention.


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