Floyd Mayweather Offers Conor McGregor 15 Million For Boxing Match

Floyd Mayweather delivered a new challenge for Conor McGregor on Wednesday as Floyd offfers Conor 15 million. Mayweather has shown limited interest in reviving his boxing career but still wants to fight McGregor.


The McGregor-Mayweather match would probably attract more viewers than most other pay-per-view events in history. Nonetheless, various obstacles could prevent it.

During November, Conor gained a license to participate in boxing. However, his contract only allows him to fight when the UFC is promoting an event.

Despite this problem, Mayweather offered to double McGregor’s earnings if the match happens. The boxer suggested he could pay $10,000,000 if Conor earns $5,000,000.

Mayweather has a huge fortune thanks to PPV income, fight payments and bonuses. Some matches have produced earnings in excess of $30 million.

Floyd Mayweather also suggested he could pay McGregor $15,000,000 for the fight. He estimated this bout would produce total revenue of $100 million.

Conor’s manager has expressed skepticism about the boxing match. Audie Attar questioned Mayweather’s seriousness and suggested he might be carrying out a public relations stunt.


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