Fluid BJJ Hosted an 80s Prom Roll Night and We Love Them

Some gyms are strict–mandatory uniforms, rigid rules about black rash guards and white gis only, codes of moral conduct mounted on the wall for the world to see. And then there’s gyms like Fluid Jiu-Jitsu in Wisconsin, where you might get the chance to choke your bestie with the collar of a Hawaiian print shirt or hem of their own prom gown.

Plenty of gyms host community building “theme” nights or parties, but Fluid BJJ’s team took team building to a new even more photogenic level when they booked their gym’s 80s Prom earlier this month. The school’s grapplers headed to Goodwill and thrift shops to collect appropriately garish attire, then met up on the big night for spiked (and also virgin) punch, the sweet sounds of vintage Bon Jovi and Madonna pouring through gym speakers, and some sparring under a working disco ball on the darkened “dance floor.”

Prom King and Queen were decided by tapout, just like God intended.

According to insiders, one vest, one dress, one pair of tux pants, and several large floppy bows were lost during the event, but all other attire held up pretty well.

Train hard, play hard y’all.


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