The ‘Gym Wildlife’ like you’ve never seen it before

The fine folks at the Buff Dudes Channel may have set the stand for parody gym videos after their latest release, aptly called Gym Wildlife. This is a parody video that captures just about every stereotype in the gym one can ever imagine, from the lackadaisical gym members to the selfie taking members of the gym to the women who put on way to much make up to the men who act like there stuff does not stink. Let’s all be honest here, we have seen all these caricatures and even more in the gym ourselves, this video parody does capture them in all there wacky essences. There is nothing this video does not mock or make fun of, which makes it even more amazing and funnier when you are watching it. Although there is no actual wildlife in the video in the way of animals, there were plenty of different kind of animals walking through the gym every day.


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