Gabriel Lucas Defeats Vinny Magalhaes At ACB JJ 12

ACB JJ 12 started off with a match between Vinny Magalhaes and Gabriel Lucas.

Magalhaes started off the match by pulling guard, with Lucas escaping with just a minute left in the first round. The round concluded with both competitors receiving two penalty points for stalling.

A minute into the second round, both athletes were again penalized for stalling. With about three and a half minutes left, Magalhaes again pulled guard. Lucas again broke the guard and worked to pass, this time more aggressively. Magalhaes, however, was able to get underneath him and appeared to work for a leg lock until the time ran out.

Magalhaes spent about half of the third round playing donkey guard before Lucas scored a takedown by pulling him down, forcing Magalhaes to return to face him. After Lucas failed to get past his opponent’s guard, the two competitors returned to their feet, tumbling to the ground a few seconds before the match ended.

The match concluded with Lucas defeating Magalhaes 2-0.


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