RESULTS: Rodnei Junior Defeats Mayko Araujo At ACB JJ 12

The second match of ACB JJ 12 featured Zenith BJJ’s Rodnei Junior and Checkmat’s Mayjo Araujo.

Junior pulled guard on Araujo at about a minute into the match. Araujo stood up to try to break his opponent’s guard, but ultimately, the competitors ended up returning to the ground, where Junior gained top control and received takedown points. The first round concluded with Junior trying to release his foot from Araujo’s quarter-guard.

The second round started off with both competitors being penalized for stalling. The athletes then went to the ground, with the scoreboard initially indicating that Junior had scored another takedown, but then removing the two points. Junior then spent the rest of the round attempting to free his foot from Araujo’s guard, and the score held steady at 2-0.

The third and final round was mostly another guard-passing struggle between the competitors, with Junior struggling to free his foot from Araujo’s guard. As the last minute wound down, Junior unsuccessfully attempted a collar choke before time ran out.

The match concluded with Junior defeating Araujo.


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