RESULTS: Victor Honorio Defeats Mukhammed Kerimov At ACB JJ 12

ACB JJ’s third match was between Grappling Fight Team’s Victor Honorio and Team Abubakarova’s Mukhammed Kerimov.

Honorio scored a takedown about a minute into the first round and stayed on top to control Kerimov until Kerimov was able to escape and get to his feet towards the end of the round.

The start of the second round featured an attempted takedown by Honorio that resulted in him getting his back taken by Kerimov. Kerimov scored four points by taking his opponent’s back and applying a  tough cross-face that resulted in the ref stopping the match due to a bloody lip from Honorio. The round resumed in the same position, with Honorio being unable to escape and Kerimov being unable to finish the submission.

The first half of the third round was rife with penalties for stalling, but at about the two-minute mark, Honorio was able to take Kerimov down with a strong double-leg. The rest of the round was spent with Honorio attempting to pass his opponent’s guard.

The match concluded with Honorio being crowned the victor.



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