Garry Tonon Defeats Anthony Engelen By TKO To Become 4-0 In MMA

Jiu-jitsu superstar and professional MMA fighter Garry Tonon had his highly anticipated match against Anthony Engelen at tonight’s ONE Championship event, and he didn’t even need five minutes to add another victory to his record.

Tonon successfully shot for a takedown early in the first round, avoiding one of Engelen’s infamous kicks. Engelen maintained half-guard and worked strikes on Tonon before Tonon was able to separate and work his way to mount. Tonon moved the fight against the cage and got a hook in while striking his opponent. The fighters returned to their feet, but Tonon maintained control and threw a barrage of knee strikes to Engelen’s head. After another takedown, Engelen began to purely be on the defensive, unsuccessfully attempting to escape Tonon’s mount and back mount as Tonon relentlessly threw punches and elbows. The referee called the match after four minutes and twelve seconds into the first round and declared Tonon the winner by TKO.

The win brings Tonon’s record to 4-0 in MMA, with half of his wins by submission and half by TKO.


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