Use This Next Time Your Family Asks How Karate Is Going

Finally, a YouTube tutorial on how to explain BJJ to people who don’t understand BJJ.

YouTube devotees know Nihn Ly as the smooth voiced UK intellectual and sports nerd behind an archive of videos explaining the rules behind some of the world’s most popular, but still kind of niche, competitions. If you’re clueless about what Teqball is, curious about the crossover potential of sumo wrestlers in football, or want to know what the hell is happening when 300 men are playing Bo Taoshi, his is the channel to stop by.

If you find yourself constantly having to explain to coworkers and family that you’re not actually training a Cobra Kai and only rarely sweep the leg, consider the time saving economics of just blasting questioners with this primer on Brazilian jiu-jitsu covering the size of our competition mats, the IBJJF points system, things that can get you DQed in competition, and why Herb Dean doesn’t just “stand them up” when UFC grapplers are working on the ground.

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