Garry Tonon Out Of SubStars Main Event Due To Injury

Garry Tonon has had to withdraw from his upcoming match against Dustin Poirier, which was set to be the main event at the next SubStars.

Tonon reportedly sustained a cut above his eye during training, and although he says the injury itself is “no big deal,” the risk of it opening up again could hinder his preparation or performance in his upcoming MMA fight in April.

Poirier had reached out to Tonon on Twitter offering his condolences on the injury and Tonon’s need to back out of their match, and the two had a friendly exchange that ended with Poirier saying that he hoped the grappling match could still happen one day in the future.

With the SubStars event just days away on February 21, a new main event has yet to be announced. Tonon and Poirier are both heavily focused on their MMA careers, and it’s no surprise (and no fault of Tonon’s) that the ADCC medalist has chosen to prioritize his thus-far undefeated MMA career over even a highly anticipated grappling match against Poirier.


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