SubStars Issues Apology, Promises To Pay Competitors Following Financial Failures From Last Show

A few days ago, SubStars announced that following a financially disastrous event in February, they will no longer hold events and may have to file for bankruptcy. The announcement came after multiple independent reports that the promotion wouldn’t be able to pay the athletes who competed on their most recent card, which featured a main event match between Gordon Ryan and Tex Johnson.

The news prompted widespread condemnation from athletes and other promotors, and now, Alex Kruger-Dobrota, the founder of SubStars, has released another statement apologizing for the misstep and promising to pay all the athletes in full. The question is how long it will take to get the money.

“Hello everyone,

On behalf of SubStars I am making this statement as an apology and a promise to pay everyone back in full. I am working to make this happen and will make a plan with everyone involved to make it right. Everyone needs to get paid. Over the past two years we’ve put on events that everyone loved and had tremendous support since day 1. Everyone has been paid in the past but I fucked up on this past event. I am not taking a dime, all the proceeds and money I have is going to fighters and persons owed for this event at The Fillmore. As a military veteran myself I would never try to get out of paying a military charity, especially for what they are doing for veterans through Jiu-Jitsu. Jiu-Jitsu has given me back a purpose in life and so I want to support military Jiu-Jitsu charities as much as possible for other veterans to do the same. What I am asking for is patience and time. I will make amends. Money talks. Currently I am speaking with serious investors willing to help pay the fighters purse. Everyone loved the event and saw the potential of what SubStars can be. First step is to pay everyone back. I will update everyone as we go along in this process.
Alex Kruger-Dobrota
SubStars, President

The situation is being compared to the infamous Metamoris scandal that saw athletes competing for the promotion going without pay after the event. Hopefully, SubStars can find a way to pay their athletes in full as quickly as possible.


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