Gegard Mousasi Wins Via Controversial TKO

Ladies and gentlemen, Chris Weidman is livid, and rightfully so!

Weidman was set to pull himself out of his 2-fight losing streak. And to top it all off, he was set to do it in front of a hometown crowd, who was equally livid.

The first round saw Chris Weidman landing three out of four takedowns and almost hitting an anaconda choke early.

Gegard came back in the second, through, charging in with huge punches and pounding away at Chris on the cage.

Then Gegard inexplicably tried to take down one of the greatest wrestlers in the game, giving Weidman a chance to breathe.

Weidman then went for a takedown, but Mousasi hit Chris with two knees.

The referee stopped the fight over what could have been two illegal knees.

After seeing the replay, though, it was clear Mousasi’s knees were legal, as Chris’ hands were off the ground when the knees landed.

Despite the referee seeing the replay, he continued to give Weidman time to rest while the doctors checked him out. Both the crowd and the color commentators were confused. After a minute of letting the doctors check Weidman, the referee called off the fight and gave Gegard the TKO win.

After the match, Gegard apologized to Weidman and said they should do a rematch.

A pissed off Weidman at first demanded that Mousasi’s knees were illegal. However, after color commentator Joe Rogan showed him the replay, he conceded that he was wrong and told the crowd of angry New Yorkers that he would come back stronger than ever.

Let’s hope we can see a rematch!


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