Daniel Cormier Retains With Second-Round RNC, Anthony Johnson Retires

It was like 2015 all over again in Buffalo, New York.

Daniel Cormier once again defeated Anthony “Rumble” Johnson via RNC – i.e., the exact way he won the title against Johnson at UFC 187 back in 2015.

Despite coming off of a three-fight KO streak, Johnson opted to wrestle with Cormier, a man who is widely known for his wrestling skills. Johnson shot in for a double leg attempt, pressing DC up against the cage.  The referee eventually broke it up, and Rumble did what he should have done all along and swung away at DC, breaking his nose.

By the second round it looked like Johnson was going to bring DC even further into his territory by striking more. But then he went in with even more wrestling, putting the ball back in Cormier’s court.

Though Rumble was able to take DC down, Cormier got back up and took Anthony down.

Cormier got on Anthony Johnson’s back and began pounding away as Johnson looked up at the clock. This, of course, helped DC slide his hands under Rumble’s neck and lock in the RNC, earning him the tap and his second title defense in front of of a less-than-impressed Jon Jones.

After the fight, Anthony Johnson took off his gloves and told the audience it was his last fight. He explained that he had another non-MMA job waiting for him, though he didn’t say what it was. He also told Rogan that he was sick of rolling around with guys and getting punched in the face.

Rogan then went over to the elated light heavyweight champion. DC went into his typical trash talk, earning himself boos from the fans.

Rogan then of course pointed out the elephant in the room, Mr. Jon Jones, the only man to have defeated Daniel Cormier. Jones stood in the audience with his arms outstretched, as if to say “come at me!”

And that seems to be exactly what Cormier wanted. DC promised Jones that if he “got his shit together” they would do another fight.

For now, though, Daniel Cormier reigns atop the UFC light heavyweight mountain.


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