Chris Weidman Plans To Appeal Controversial TKO, Wants Rematch With Gegard Mousasi

No doubt like most of New York, former UFC Middleweight Champion Chris Weidman is not thrilled with his TKO loss to Gegard Mousasi.

Weidman’s loss came after the match was stopped due to two knees Gegard landed while it appeared Weidman’s hands may have been in the ground. MMA fighters are not allowed to use knees if their opponent’s hands are on the ground.

However, after reviewing the tape, the referee saw that Chris Weidman’s hands were not on the canvas, meaning Mousasi’s knees were perfectly legal. The referee then awarded the match to Mousasi.

To make the situation even worse, New York does not allow referees to use instant replays, which is why Weidman is appealing his loss. He also wants a rematch with Gegard.

You can watch video of Weidman at the UFC 210 post fight press conference above.


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