No, Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson Is Not Joining The LA Rams

Anthony “Rumble” Johnson made headlines in the MMA community last night when he retired from mixed martial arts. The retirement was hard to understand, as Rumble was riding a three-fight KO streak and had twice been a contender for the light heavyweight championship.

To add the to the confusion, Anthony Johnson told fans that he had another non-MMA career lined up, but did not say what that career was.

Shortly after, though, Rumble changed his background to an LA Rams helmet and tagged the team on Twitter. This led some in the MMA community to speculate that the NFL might be in Johnson’s future.

However, much to the disappointment of any Rams and Rumble fans out there, Anthony Johnson is not joining the LA Rams.  He made it perfectly clear on Twitter.

Okay, so he’s not joining the Rams. But then, why would he make all of those hashtags and change his background? Rumble is from Georgia and fights out a Florida. It’s not like the Rams are a home team.

And what exactly is this career that Anthony “Rumble” Johnson is looking forward to doing now that he is out of the UFC?

Unfortunately, fans will have to wait and see.

Who knows? We might never see.



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