Get Excited, Nerds — A Science Podcast Just Featured A Cool Episode On BJJ And Cannabis

Image Source: Konner Blunt

Jiu-jitsu is known for being a sport that creates “nerd assassins,” and Australian Konner Blunt is proof of that. Blunt, a blue belt and BJJ globetrotter, hosts a mostly science-related podcast called The Blunt Report that features guests who range from astrophysicists to oceanographers to pharmaceutical scientists, and he himself has a pretty extensive background in the science department:

“During the start of my degree I was very physics focussed and did research on the feasibility of the mission plans of NASA and Mars One’s attempts at reaching Mars. As my degree went on, I stayed more in chemistry and for my final year research I worked on ‘non fouling’ surfaces for bio medical implants. For example, when a person gets a hip replacement, the body doesn’t properly recognise the implant and starts a near instantaneous processes that results in infection and blood clotting – very harmful for the patient. We worked on modifying the surfaces of these implants to prevent this from occurring, and this is what I wrote my final year thesis on.”

On his latest podcast, Blunt welcomed fellow Melbourne-based BJJ blue belt and podcaster “Torty” McManus to talk about jiu-jitsu (including the mental health benefits of training), its relationship with cannabis, and drug reform. Give it a listen below, and if you like what you hear, check out Blunt’s other podcast episodes for your geeky science fix and McManus’ Herbalized podcast if you’re a cannabis enthusiast — he’s also featured big BJJ athletes like Kurt Osiander on his own show!


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