Gilbert “Durinho” Burns Defeats John Combs At Submission Underground 4, Calls Out Garry Tonon


UFC fighter and No-Gi World Champion Gilbert “Durinho” Burns has taken the win in the first round of the main event at Submission Underground 4.

Burns took on black belt John Combs.

Burns shot in early and took Combs’ back. Combs tried to roll out, but Burns locked in a body triangle and spent the first half of regulation cranking and working for an RNC.

Combs eventually rolled out and even nailed a nice sweep on the World champion. Burns, however, went for a leg lock.

The two stood up and Combs pulled guard. He then began working rubber guard and Burns ground him against the cage until the end of regulation.

Combs won the coin toss and took the back. Burns, however, escaped within seconds.

Burns took the back and again locked on a body triangle. Combs put up a valiant effort, but once Gilbert locked in the RNC, it was all over.

Well, not quite. Burns had a rematch in mind during the post-fight interview – Mr. Garry Lee Tonon!

Perhaps we have ourselves a main event for Submission Underground 5!


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