Paulo Miyao Defeats Urijah Faber At Submission Underground 4

Submission Underground 4

Paulo Miyao is walking out of Submission Underground 4 with a win over UFC Hall of Famer “The California Kid” Urijah Faber, who was celebrating his 38th birthday and rocking what looked like a pair of swim trunks.

The first half of regulation told the same tale: Miyao butt scooted after Faber, went for a leg lock, and Faber used his athleticism to yank his leg out.

After five minutes Faber went for a Kimura and Paulo took the back. Urijah escaped shortly before the end of regulation.

No one got the tap in overtime, but Miyao utilized his body triangle to get more ride time and earn himself the win.

Faber may have lost the match, but after wishing all mothers out there a Happy Mother’s day, he was serenaded with a happy birthday song from the audience.


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