Girl Completely Destroy Guys With Jiu-Jitsu In The Park

A viral video made the rounds in the BJJ community recently in which a girl completely destroy guys with Jiu-Jitsu in the park. The girl turns out to be 16-year old Riley Breedlove of Tulsa, Oklahoma. She got started about 9 years ago when she accompanied her brother in training and got dragged onto the mat by the instructor.

Some boys who practice wrestling apparently found her BJJ videos and asked her about a friendly skirmish. Riley was able to overcome their strength and size thanks to her skills as a blue belt. She plans on continuing her training and joining more BJJ competitions with the goal of becoming the best she can be in the sport.


  1. A muscular, athletic woman against a scrawny dude with no training….yeah im not sure what this proves, other than an athletic human who trains grappling can submit a scrawny human who does not…gender isnt much of an issue here.

  2. I agree completely… She defiantly is skilled and is kicking some butt! On they other hand someone with her skill should be testing their selves agents worthy opponent’s male or female, that’s what sets a premium athlete apart from the rest. Those untrained guys never had a chance.. Lol

  3. This girl totally reminds me of my 13 yrs old daughter. She is in BJJ and can take down male opponents with ease. 🙂


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