Global Grappling League To Put On An Event Featuring Nicky Ryan Vs. Marvin Castelle

Danaher Death Squad Vs 10th Planet

Danaher Death Squad

Global Grappling League keeps putting together amazing lineups of up-and-coming competitors who are making serious strides in jiu-jitsu.  They are putting an event on in a few weeks that may prove to be one of the best of the year with a stacked lineup featuring some serious firepower.

At the top of the card, Global Grappling League, an Upstate New York promotion, has put the wunderkind of jiu-jitsu, the prince of the Danaher Death Squad himself, Nicky Ryan against Marvin Castelle, a 10th Planet brown belt who’s Imanari roll submission at Fight To Win Pro a few months back garnered over 10 million views.

The card will be kicked off with a blue belt tournament featuring some of the most active and dangerous blue belts in the USA right now.  Long gone are the days when the words “just a blue belt” actually held bearing in this sport, and this card will show viewers why.  The event will also feature a slue of superfights including some truly special matchups.

The complete card is:

Blue belts 170lb tourney –
($500 1st, $250 2nd, $100 3rd)
Michael Kastroba (Vanguard Gym)
Roland Venter (RGA Middle)
Kamilio Oliveras (BCMMA)
Maurice Zakhem (10P Chicago)
Andrew Jones (10P Bethlehem)
Jordan Peitzman (CSW/No Coast)
Matt Dvorovy (Tony Rivera BJJ)
Quin Puryear (10P Beth)
Geovanni De La Vuk (10P HQ)
Fabian Ramirez (Serra BJJ)
Kyle Beaver (WNYMMA)
Eric Zahtila (Pure Hart MMA)
Damien Anderson (Brunswick BJJ)
Vernon Jordan (10P Rochester)
Robert Pozun (TAC Team)
Daniel Drake (Team 1 BJJ)
main event -145 Marvin Castelle vs Nicky Ryan

135 Junny Ocasio (Unity) vs Brandon Lim
(10th Planet)

155 Damien Anderson (Brunswick BJJ) vs Carlos Guyton (10th Planet)

155 Pierre Laclerc (Tristar) vs Mike Davila (Marcelo Garcia Academy)

175 Daniel Hernandez (BronxMMA) vs Donovan Bader (Caio Terra Association)

Co-Main Event- 145 Ethan Crelinsten (Tristar/RGA) vs JM Holland (10th Planet)

145 Zach Maslany (10th Planet) vs Frank Rosenthal (RGA)

145 Alex Potts (Pin2Win) vs Cody Lockley (10th Planet)

155 Danny Hansen (10th Planet) vs Glenn Mix (Ultimate Athletics)

115 Katya Leontyeva (RGA) vs Fabiana George (10th Planet)

I had an opportunity to ask the main Global Grappling League promoter/matchmaker/valet, Sam Micale, for a quick rundown on his thoughts about this amazing card

This was a kind of last minute impromptu card that I threw together that turned out amazing. A sponsor came to me asking if I could make Nicky Ryan vs Marvin Castelle happen on one of my cards, so I obviously did my part in making it happen. This is a legitimate superfight between two guys getting a lot of attention right now and is sure to be a great match, so I jumped at the opportunity.

They both just competed in the ADCC West Coast Trials, but we never got to see them get a match with each other. I’ve been hearing a lot of people buzzing around social media writing young Mr. Ryan off in this match like he’s light work for Marvin, even though he submitted Luis Quinones, who beat Marvin just the round before at ADCC west coast trials, advancing him to his semi-finals match against Ethan Crelinsten.

Both are on fire, I think it’s going to be an awesome match, one I’ve been really looking forward to since it was confirmed. We also will get the pleasure of witnessing a rematch between our 155 lb GGL champ Ethan Crelinsten of Tristar/RGA and JM Holland of 10th Planet Bethlehem in our co-main event. This is yet another one of many outstanding matchups that have superfight-of-the-night potential.

The day will be kicked off with a stacked 16 man 170 lb and under blue belt cash tourney filled with some hungry killers, looking to bring home the $500 prize.
The entire card is loaded with some of the best talent in sub-only jiu-jitsu from some of the top teams in the US, I hope everyone tunes in to support these future legends of the sport!

This Global Grappling League event will be available for live stream on June 17th at and promises to be well worth the viewers’ while!


  1. Are we getting to a point in the ‘sport’ where belts are meaningless in the competition world? These blue and purple belts are putting on amazing shows and the learning curve is unreal. Coming from a wrestling background, I never felt comfortable with the belt system in competition. The ideology is such that you always competed against the best because that is who you’re training to beat. This was always thought to close the gap faster. I understand the tradition, history and legacy of the belt system and I think inside the gym it is beneficial. But when competitors are training full time and there is a cash prize, it seams to defeat the purpose. To me, its akin to calling Olympic athletes ‘amateurs’. Are we getting to the time that these meaningless nomenclatures are just a relic from a bygone era?


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