Scott Tannenbaum’s TNT Americana

The Americana or “key lock” is a staple technique of Brazilian jiu-jitsu. As a matter of fact it is typically one of the first techniques you will learn as a new white belt.  Most commonly employed from mount or side control positions, it can be difficult to execute against strong and flexible opponents.

Scott “TNT” Tannenbaum of Phoenix, Arizona, has very possibly revolutionized the Americana with his version of the submission, which he invented about 15 years ago. As shown in the video above, it is faster, easier to execute, more difficult to escape, and extremely versatile. It can be applied with your arm under the opponent’s neck and from the kesa-gatame positions. As we know, the traditional Americana is a no-go from these positions.

Scott “TNT” Tannenbaum

Owner / Head Instructor of TNT MMA Training Center (Phoenix, AZ)


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