3 Simple Drills To Improve Your Offense From Closed Guard

Closed guard is one of the most fundamental positions in BJJ. From our first lesson, we’re told that it’s much better to be on the bottom trapping someone in your guard than on the top trying to escape an opponent’s closed guard. Even when you’re the one controlling your opponent from the bottom, though, securing a submission with the right angle and leverage can be extremely challenging. Thankfully, there are ways to practice getting better at it.

In this video, BJJ brown belt Erika Wakefield demonstrates three drills that you can use to improve your attacks from closed guard. It doesn’t matter if you’re a day-one white belt or an experienced athlete — you can use these drills to develop and refine your offense from closed guard, making it easier to land a submission on your opponent in the middle of a roll or match.

Check them out, and practice these with a partner:


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