How To Finally Escape That Annoying Body Triangle From The Back

If there’s one BJJ position that is pretty much guaranteed to frustrate athletes of all levels and skill sets, it’s the triangle from the back. This position is annoyingly hard to escape, locking in the defending opponent with a firmer hold than hooks can usually offer. Worse, that tight squeeze around the belly can be distracting and even painful, and many jiu-jitsu practitioners have been too focused on trying not to vomit to remember to defend their neck.

All isn’t lost if you end up on the defending end of this troublesome position, though. BJJ black belt Vanessa Waltz is here to show you how to escape the body triangle from the back, and whether this position is your nemesis or you just want to know what to do if you find yourself stuck one day, check out her tips to escape this hold and get back to business.


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