Good News: Demi Lovato Is Back On The Mats

Demi Lovato is one of a handful of celebrities who have publicly embraced the jiu-jitsu lifestyle. The actor and singer has frequently posted about her BJJ journey and has even earned her blue belt in the sport.

Lovato has been open about her mental health and addiction issues, and her name ended up in the headlines for a more unfortunate reason at the end of July when she was hospitalized due to an overdose. Lovato seems to have taken some time out of the spotlight during her recovery and has been posting less on her social media accounts, but earlier today, she shared that she’s back on the mats.

It’s unclear if this is Lovato’s first time back at training or if she’s been back to rolling for a few months now, but we’re happy to see that this blue belt is back to doing what she loves, especially considering all the mental health benefits that jiu-jitsu can offer.


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