Gordon Ryan Bests Craig Jones at Quintet 3

Jiu-jitsu all stars Gordon Ryan and Craig Jones faced off at Quintet 3 in Las Vegas on October 5th. Representing teams Alpha Male and Polaris, respectively, the submission-only competition spotlit dominant performances from both competitors on their individual teams and a standout showing from MVP Ryan.

Ryan and Jones were matched in the team finals after the eliminations of Teams 10th Planet and Sakuraba. Jones initially appeared to falter, taking down Jones but stepping into the Aussie’s guillotine. Ryan shook lose the submission attempt, moving into Jones’ half guard before relentlessly squashing his way into full mount. After methodically pancaking Jones’ top half, Ryan rolled into the back take and one of many brutal body triangles executed throughout the competition. Jones ultimately succumbed to a hybrid RNC/jaw crank.

Gordon wasn’t the only Ryan to claim victory. His 17-year-old brother, a purple belt and budding “prodigy,” opened the competition with a surprise victory over 20-year martial arts veteran Tokoro Hideo.


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