Gordon Ryan Is Back – Steps In On Short Notice To Replace His Younger Brother Against Jacob Couch

Photo: Kitt Canaria/Jiu-Jitsu Times

Gordon Ryan will make his return on March 25th’s Who’s Number One, when he steps in for his younger brother Nicky to take on Jacob ‘The Hillbilly Hammer’ Couch.

Nicky Ryan was scheduled to take on Couch, but was forced to drop from the match-up and WNO was left searching for a new opponent.

Within hours, the new opponent was announced: the best grappler on the planet, Gordon Ryan. Heath Pedigo made the announcement with Couch in front of the gym. He spoke highly of Gordon and assured teammates that Couch will be looking to remind fans why he’s called The Hillbilly Hammer, “Listen, this guys the greatest grappler in the world, and this is what dreams are made of… To get the opportunity to put yourself in the fire with the best. We respect Gordon and appreciate him, but Couch is gonna come after him and try to leave his name on the jiu-jitsu world forever.”

Who’s Number One: Couch Vs. Ryan takes place on March 25th and streams on FloGrappling.com


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