Gordon Ryan Returns With Exhibition Match – October 20, 2021 Who’s Number One

For the first time since March 2021, Gordon Ryan will compete on the grappling mats. This time, against UFC welterweight Philip Rowe in a 15-minute exhibition match that continues until the clock expires, regardless of how many submissions occur.

The announcement was made on Instagram by @FloGrappling. The comment section was quickly flooded with fans criticizing the match-up as lopsided, due to his opponent’s size and competitive grappling credentials.

Gordon Ryan responded to critics with an Instagram post of his Mycotoxin Summary,

“I see a lot of people b—-ing about my upcoming exhibition with @phillyfreshufc on @flograppling. Saying I never fight high-level guys and all I do is b—- about my tummy ache. Remember a few things, I owe you nothing, I have been dealing with this stomach issue, caused by prolonged antibiotic use for the last 4 years. in those 4 years, I am unbeaten and have beaten more ADCC medalists in that time frame than anyone on earth has in their entire careers. For those who don’t seem to believe me, here are SOME of my recent tests. If you’re too stupid to read them, don’t comment. Take a look at the “in control” brackets, then at the “current level” brackets. All I have to say is, people better hope I don’t end up getting better. I was easily beating you all like this, imagine when I’m healthy.”

Rowe commented on the post, “[Lions] ’s don’t concern themselves with [sheep]. No need to explain yourself to pee on.”

The event will take place at Who’s Number One on October 20, 2021. You can stream it live on FloGrappling.


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