Tezos WNO Full Results – Pedro Marinho Upsets Craig Jones, Elder Cruz Upsets Nicky Rod, Musumeci Retains Bantamweight Title, Ruotolo + Couch Both Win By Heel Hook

The first major jiu-jitsu event of 2022 kicked off with some serious upsets at Friday night’s ‘Tezos Who’s Number One: Craig Jones vs. Pedro Marinho’.

Pedro Marinho was able to secure the victory over Craig Jones by unanimous decision in the main event. As the pair mostly engaged in a hand fight for the first 10-minutes, Jones eventually pulled guard and Marinho was able to briefly pass which ultimately was enough to earn Marinho the win.

Both Tye Ruotolo and Jacob Couch were able to secure heel hook finishes. Ruotolo took home the Welterweight Championship for his well-earned finish over a relentless Jones-Leary. Couch, on the other hand, was playing from a closed guard for most of his match, before jumping on a leg and finishing with an inside heel-hook.

Mikey Musumeci and Estevan “The Giant Slayer” Martinez battled it out until the clock hit zero, with Mikey taking home the Bantamweight title yet again. Mikey was fishing for his “Mikey Lock” at one point, but wasn’t able to secure the finish against a very elusive Martinez, who was able to free his knee-line at every leg attack.

Brazilian Top Team’s Brianna Ste-Marie wore a bit of her own blood on her face as she secured a split decision victory over Amanda Alequin. At one point, both fighters had each other in dueling toe-holds but Alequin was forced to bail on hers in order to defend, as Ste-Marie’s seemed a bit tighter. Ultimately, neither of them were able to secure the finish, and Ste-Marie took home the victory in a close split decision.

The replay of Tezos Who’s Number One: Craig Jones vs. Pedro Marinho is available on FloGrappling.com


Pedro Marinho(Gracie Barra) def. Craig Jones(B-Team) via Unanimous Decision *WNO Light Heavyweight Championship*

Tye Ruotolo(ATOS) def. Levi Jones-Leary(Unity) via Submission (Heel Hook) *WNO Welterweight Championship*

Elder Cruz(Checkmat) def. Nick Rodriguez(B-Team) via Split Decision

Brianna Ste-Marie(Brazilian Top Team) def. Amanda Alequin(Gamblers) via Split Decision

Jacob Couch def. David Garmo via Submission (Inside Heel Hook) 


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