Mikey Musumeci’s ‘Mikey Lock’ Wins WNO’s First Bantamweight Title In 56 Seconds

25-Year old Mikey Musumeci’s newest submission made its debut at WNO: The Return of Gordon Ryan, securing his victory for the bantamweight championship in just:56 seconds.

During his press interviews this week, he hinted at the development of a new mystery submission, telling fans to be on the lookout.

“What I developed was- a heel hook, you put the foot in the armpit. So now, I’ve been using my neck pin for this submission. It’s like a hybrid of an inside toe hold, because it puts more pressure on the foot, but then it also puts heel hook pressure on the knee… It’s been so efficient for me. I’m so excited to share this with everyone so then they can start implementing this in their game because it’s gonna fix all your problems with heel hooks that you have.”

As far as defenses or counters, Mikey says he hasn’t seen any, “So far, there’s been no counter for it in training. I’ve just been doing this over and over.”

His WNO win comes after just 2 weeks of preparation. He talked about battling some lasting effects of COVID,

“I got really sick 6 weeks ago, and I’m still having post-COVID stuff with my body. My muscles in my arms and legs have still not recovered back to normal… 2 weeks ago I couldn’t walk a mile because my arms and legs were giving out.”

The newly crowned champion says he plans to continue returning to WNO every month.


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