WNO Full Results: Gordon Ryan Submits Phillip Ro​​we 4 Times

The Return of Gordon Ryan seemed expectedly easy as he took on UFC’s Phillip Rowe. 

For those who were expecting Ryan to come out and rack up as many submissions as possible, you were mistaken. He was successful in securing 4 submissions during the 15-minute exhibition, and he even included a few mock punches towards the end of the round.  

The pace they were working at seemed like a combination of fun and light sparring. Ryan said he was trying to show off some back escapes since he just released a new video on the subject with BJJFanatics. 

“I wanted to do a little bit more back escape stuff because that’s what I just released the DVD on. But he only took my back once, so I just did pin escapes and some submission escapes, armbar escapes, and side control/mount stuff. That’s coming out in the future.” 

His first submission came just:45 seconds into the round as an Inside Heel Hook from the cross-ashi position. After that, he took his time with the next submission coming 5 minutes later with an Arm-In Guillotine. In the final 5 minutes, he showcased two variations of Triangle Chokes, “I hit a variation of a front triangle, called an ankle-sankaku where the ankle is a little bit different than a usual front triangle. Then I hit a side-triangle, yoko-sankaku, and finished him with that.”

Ro​​we came in with a wrap on his right hand, hinting toward an injury. Still, he was able to get a guillotine attempt going about halfway through the round. He explained the injured hand in his post-match interview,

“I broke my hand on Saturday. I came to this venue with a cast on. When I got to the lobby, I took it off. I broke my fifth metacarpal. I still showed up. I didn’t tell anybody… I took 4 shots of Jack, wrapped it up, and tried to smack him in the face with it.”

Ro​​we also gave praise to the jiu-jitsu community, ”UFC’s a byproduct of me training jiu-jitsu, so I respect everybody… If they’re gonna call me to show up, of course, I’m gonna show up every time.

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Gordon Ryan vs. Phillip Ro​​we (Exhibition) (14:15 Gordon Ryan inside heel hook, 8:56 Gordon Ryan Arm-In Guillotine, 4:36 Gordon Ryan Triangle Choke, 1:39 Gordon Ryan Triangle Choke)

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