Gordon Ryan Is Officially Signed Up For No-Gi Worlds

Image Source: Gordon Ryan via Instagram

Gordon Ryan is out to prove a point, and so far, he’s doing a good job of proving it. Earlier today, Ryan posted a screenshot of the IBJJF No-Gi Worlds athlete list that showed him registered for the ultra-heavyweight division.

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Hey guys…. stay the fuck home.

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This will be the second major IBJJF competition that Ryan has recently competed in. Earlier this year, he won double gold at No-Gi Pans, submitting all of his opponents along the way. Ryan’s presence in the division inspired multiple other grapplers to sign up for his division, even going up multiple weight classes to do so (although Kaynan Duarte was the only one who ended up competing in Ryan’s weight class).

Ryan made a name for himself in the sub-only circuit, submitting numerous opponents with the leglocks that the Danaher Death Squad is known for. However, his quest to prove that he can dominate under any rule set has led him to pursue some of the most prestigious IBJJF competitions in the world. His followers will undoubtedly be interested in seeing if any other top-level grapplers challenge themselves to enter his division at No-Gi Worlds and see if they can deliver an upset.


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