Gordon Ryan Not Sure If He Wants To Do Gi Jiu-Jitsu Then Move Into MMA, Or Just Do MMA On The Side

Gordon Ryan may be following his long time teammate, Garry Tonon, into MMA, but he’s not quite sure if he wants to do gi jiu-jitsu first then do MMA, or do gi jiu-jitsu and MMA on the side.

“There have been a couple of MMA organizations that have contacted me,” Ryan told The MMA Complex. “Right now we’re trying to decide whether or not to focus on just gi jiu-jitsu and move into MMA, or to make gi jiu-jitsu my main focus and do MMA as kind of a side project…work on both at the same time.”

However, Gordon Ryan did say he he’s training for both and he’ll be ready for both when the time comes to compete.

When asked which organization he might fight for, Gordon mentioned the Asian organization ONE Championship as a possible option, considering they are the organization that just signed Tonon. However, he did not write off the possibility of one day fighting for the UFC.

“You know, obviously everyone wants to fight in the UFC, so I need to actually learn how to fight MMA before, you know, I think about fighting at the highest level of the sport.”

You can watch Gordon Ryan’s entire interview with The MMA Complex below:



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