Mental Reps Are Valuable: Why You Should Show Up To Class Even If You Can’t Participate

Photo by Pixabay.

Let’s face the facts: in any physical activity, you’re going to get hurt.  Muscles are going to get pulled, ankles are going to get sprained, and bones might even get broken.

But does that mean you should just sit at home nursing your wounds? In some extreme cases, yes. But if you have the ability to get in your car (or whatever transportation you use) and get to the gym, you should go train.

“But how can I train?” you might ask. “I can’t roll. I can’t even drill. All I can do is watch.”

To which I would reply, “Watching is training!”

While you may not be able to learn as much as you would if you could actually drill, you can still learn something by watching your instructor and your fellow students.

This is what BJJ black belt Steven Grossi refers to as “mental reps.”  You’re learning by watching and going through the movements in your head.

Taking notes would also help, of course.

Check out Professor Grossi’s video below to learn about how you can improve your jiu-jitsu even when you can’t do jiu-jitsu.


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