Here’s How Gordon Ryan Plans On Staying One Step Ahead of His Brother, Nicky

In case you missed it, BJJ prodigy Nicky Ryan — who is neither a black belt nor old enough to buy tobacco — defeated Eddie Bravo black belt and multiple-time EBI Champion Geo “Freakazoid” Martinez last night at KASAI Pro 2. Ryan pulled off the win via decision.

Nicky’s older brother, Gordon, therefore has a good reason to be intimidated by his young, up-and-coming sibling. However, Gordon has a plan to stay one step ahead of Nicky: never compete in the same sport as him.

“I’ve planned this out perfectly. So, he’s [Nicky] starting to come up in the no-gi scene, so I moved off into the gi, and then if he ever decides to compete in the gi, I’m going to be already fighting MMA. And then if he ever fights MMA, I’m just going to be retired,” Gordon told Flograppling.

Seems legit.

Check out the video below:

Gordon Ryan has a plan to stay one step ahead of his rapidly progressing little bro Nicky Ryan

Posted by FloGrappling on Sunday, April 15, 2018


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