Gordon Ryan Provides Update on Health and Competitive Goals, Wants “More ADCC Medals Than Buchecha Has World Titles”

Gordon Ryan, who has been out of competition due to health complications for the past several months, provided an update on his medical status this week in an Instagram post.

“It’s been 2 months since I’ve been able to do any intense activity,” wrote Ryan in the caption. “I spoke with my doctor and got the silicone stints taken out of my nose and I’m told I [can’t] start lifting for another 3 weeks and training for roughly 2 months. This will make 3 months of 0 activity and 5 months of no training. That, coupled with the fact that over 40 days of antibiotics wasn’t great for my stomach, it’s safe to say I have a long road back to competition.”

According to Ryan, he is currently focused on regaining his health while helping his teammates at New Wave prepare for their own competitions. However, he also insists that he hasn’t lost sight of his own goals for the sport, writing, “My goal in this sport is simple- double gold in ADCC until I’m 40 years old and have more ADCC medals than Buchecha has world titles.

“That being said, for 5 years now, my body, specifically my immune system and stomach have been barely cooperating with this plan […] Given the time [I’ve] missed to nurse my pathetic body back to health, it may be difficult long term to stay ahead of the curve I was once far ahead of. I have done so thus far and have no intention of letting those down to depend on me. The goal isn’t to be in the mix having fun. Winning, that’s what’s fun for me. I will attempt to, and succeed at staying on top until my body quits on me completely.”

Nevertheless, he believes that he’ll return to competition eventually as a matter of “when,” rather than “if.”


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