Cole Abate, Your New Brown Belt World Champion, Plans to Take the Black Belt Division By Storm

Cole Abate has done it again; the teen phenom won big at Mundials this week, clinching the highly sought-after lightweight gold medal in the men’s brown belt division, in his debut year at the new rank, no less.

“Everything is going according to plan,” Abate wrote in an Instagram post announcing his victory. “I set out on a goal as a little kid to win world titles at every belt level, and so far have been successful at that after winning at the brown belt today.”

He’s already got big plans for his black belt debut when he’s finally, inevitably promoted into the most elite division of the sport, writing, “I plan to keep raising the bar for myself and setting even bigger goals to be able to win black belt worlds in the first year.”

Given how handily Abate’s won nearly every major title there is to win at the colored belt ranks throughout his adolescence — not to mention his dominant performance at major no-gi events outside of the IBJJF — the current black belt lightweights are no doubt eyeing up the latest brown belt world champion with interest.

Check out our previous interview with Cole Abate below:

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