Sarah Galvão Wins Double Gold for Atos at Worlds, Promoted to Purple Belt by Proud Parents

Sarah Galvão, daughter of jiu-jitsu legends André and Angelica Galvão, took home double gold for Atos as a juvenile blue belt at Worlds this weekend, before being promoted to purple belt on the podium by her beaming parents.

“Very proud of you, Sarah,” wrote her mother Angelica on Instagram. “Keep the good work and enjoy your journey.”

In an Instagram post celebrating his daughter’s victory, André Galvão wrote, “Sarah is precise, on point, with an incredible jiu-jitsu, a beautiful smile, a fearless face expression […] all her moves are perfect for me: fight style, celebration, the way she walks and smile… everything!”

With a 2023 world title now in Sarah’s back pocket, some in the jiu-jitsu community — such as Tubby Alequin — are hankering for a superfight between Sarah and fellow rising teen star Helena Crevar, out of John Danaher’s New Wave team. Time will only tell if this clash of teen grappling superstars gets made.


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