Gordon Ryan Reportedly ‘Flipped Out’ Because Someone Was Recording Him At His Seminar

EBI Champion and Danaher Death Squad member Gordon Ryan reportedly flipped out at a seminar after someone took pictures during it.

According to reports on reddit, of the admins at the school Ryan was teaching at began recording his seminar. Gordon asked her to stop, and she did. She later asked a woman Ryan brought with him if she could take photos, and the woman said yes. After she started taking pictures, Gordon “flipped out.”

Some people were sympathetic to Gordon’s reaction. One reddit user said:

F**k you. He explicitly said not to f**king record him, and you f**king ruined a chance for everyone at the seminar to have a chance to roll with an ADCC champ.

People paid good money, and spent even more in time to go to this seminar. F**k you.

For everyone else there, it was great drilling with you guys. For people who couldn’t attend, it was still worth going, the details are excellent. Gordon was awesome about going around and correcting mistakes and answering questions. Would still attend despite said f**ktard.

One of our readers, responding to this article, also came to Gordon Ryan’s defense:

So, at the beginning of the seminar he did make a specific request that he not be filmed. He also stated that he had no problem with people recording themselves filming as he understood it was a lot of information and may be tough to remember. I did not see the owner or his friend filming or when Gordon told them to stop. In fact, had he not mentioned the issue at the end, I probably would not have known. There is a respect issue. A request was made that was not followed. To Gordons credit, he finished the seminar and the Q and A the called out the owner. He explained pretty politely why he would not be staying to train as he could not trust he wouldn’t be recorded. He also explained the 2 reasons why he didn’t like to be recorded. Those being he didn’t want to have any future opponents to have any other footage of him and because it was his lively hood. He then took pictures with anyone who wanted one, answered a few additional questions and left. Overall I felt he was very professional.

Others on reddit disagreed with Gordon Ryan:

I don’t mean this disrespectfully, but rather than bail on a whole group of people, why didn’t he just kick that one guy out? While this guy clearly made a mistake, it sounds like a cop-out for the presenter to not roll with you guys because one guy recorded stuff. 

Another said:

I was at the seminar. One of the admins at the school was recording at the beginning and Gordon said that no one can record, so she stopped. Later she asked the girl he brought with her if she could take pictures instead and she said yes (Gordon was giving instruction). I guess after that he flipped the f**k out.

Bottom line is the guy was a huge douche, had excellent techniques but gave terrible f**king instruction. He made several people look like they were stupid just because they were asking them about techniques. And his answers in the Q&A were just “John Danaher does everything for me” and wouldn’t say any more.

You can read the entire thread here. 

Gordon Ryan also commented on the incident on video. He explained that, while he had no problem with people recording themselves doing the techniques, he did not want to be recorded because that would allow people to post the seminar online for free, which would have taken money away from him. However, according to Ryan, the owner had someone try to secretly record him even after he clearly said he did not want to be recorded.

Gordon did apologize to anyone who was there and wanted to train with him, though he wasn’t quite so polite to the people who didn’t like the way he acted.

You can watch his video below:



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