Gordon Ryan Wins Kasai Super Series By Points; Complete Results Posted

Image Source: Kitt Canaria for Jiu-Jitsu Times

After around five hours of super fights and submissions the Kasai Super Series in Dallas has its complete winner’s circle.

Gordon Ryan pulled out a victory over Joao Gabriel Rocha by a single point, having injured his knee in the early minutes of the fight and hindering his usually aggressive ground game. The first two minutes of the super fight showcased two high level competitors at home in their respective standup skills, which ended when Rocha threw Ryan off the edge of the mat into the front row. At the reset Ryan moved the fight to the ground with guard, hitting the very first sweep of the fight around the 5:30 mark with an arm drag, reversed by Gabriel. That was swiftyly reversed back in favor of Ryan, beginning a back and forth–Ryan hunting for kimuras and backtakes, Rocha seeking submissions in between battles out of Ryan’s guard–which ran the initial 10-minute clock all the way down with no scores. Standing back up at overtime with point scoring back in play, Ryan sat to guard and surged into a heel hook. Though Rocha escaped, Ryan scored 1 point for the submission attempt. At the final minute mark Gabriel motored in an attempt to pass but didn’t fully escape Ryan…though he thought he did, expressing disbelief when the match was called for Ryan.

“Guys, who do you think win today?” Joao asked the audience during his post fight interview, getting cheers back in response. One distressed fan in the audience could be heard yelling “this is bulls***” over and over, but Ryan’s submission attempt was clear and Rocha’s pass was not, which means the two are poised for a heated rematch whenever Kasai pulls the trigger on that.

Other big wins and loses punctuated one of the better live grappling events we’ve had recently. In a split second, just long enough for Bastos to slip in a sneaky trip, Tom Deblass lost the final installment of the pair’s “trilogy” of fights by points. Married fighters Raquel and Renato Canuto both left Dallas victorious, Raquel winning by points over Chelsea Lyons and Renato submitting Marcio Andre by heel hook. And one of the best fights of the night went to the ladies, with Andressa Cintra and Jessica Swanson duking it out in a kinetic gi match which came down to points.

Complete undercard and main card fight results are listed below.


Blue Belt 155lbs., NO-GI

Ryan Benoit vs. Jorge Vasquez (winner by points)

Blue Belt 120lbs., NO-GI

Megan Williams vs. Jessica Crane (winner by RNC)

Purple Belt 155lbs., NO-GI

Conrad Duran (winner by points) vs. Dillon Hinojosa

Purple Belt 155lbs., GI

Jeff Horn (winner by points) vs. Leigh Macneil

Purple Belt 170lbs., NO-GI

Abdul-Kareem Al-Sewady (winner by points) vs. Dylan Kastelic

Blue Belt 135lbs., NO-GI

Nathalia Santoro vs. Kecia Makenzie (winner by armbar)

Brown Belt 145lbs., NO-GI

Cameron Adair (winner by armbar) vs. Franklin Carballo

Brown Belt 165lbs., NO-GI

Benjamin Annunziato vs. David Hulsey (winner by leg lock)

Brown Belt 180lbs., NO-GI

Bobby Alexander vs. Dulces Flores Jr. (winner by points)

Brown Belt 170lbs., GI

Diego Santana (winner by toe hold) vs. Jairo Bautista

Brown Belt Heavyweight, GI

Javier Zapata vs. Thomas Gentile (winner by decision)

Black Belt 190lbs., NO-GI

Camron Couch (winner by points) vs Marcus Antelante

Black Belt 230lbs., GI

Alan Shebaro (winner by toe hold) vs. Sebastian Black Cobra



Edwin Ocasio (winner by heel hook) vs. Vinny Saenz


Raquel Pa’aluhi Canuto (winner by points) vs. Chelsah Lyons


Andressa Cintra (winner by points) vs. Jessica Swanson


Renato Canuto (winner by heel hook; 3rd Kasai win) vs. Marcio Andre


Maheus Lutes vs. Dante Leon (winner by controversy, Lutes stopped)


Lucas Valente (winner by decision) vs. Rafael Formiga Barbosa


Tom DeBlass vs. Bruno Bastos (winner by point in OT)


Aaron “Tex” Johnson (winner by points) vs. Ricardo “Demente” Abreu

No Weight:

Mike Medrano vs. Alex Martins (winner by points)


Gordon Ryan (winner by points) vs. Joao Gabriel Rocha


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