Keenan Cornelius Takes On 30 Opponents in 50 Minutes to Demo Technique

It’s not that cardio and conditioning don’t matter. It’s more that good technique and conserving energy do.

To prove this point, Keenan Cornelius put together this sample of him rolling with 30 people in a row with no rests and no water breaks. It’s a compelling video not because we get to see a world champion do world champion type s***, but because of the diversity of the rolls: black belts, blue belts, men, women, masters, kids, there’s a little something for everyone. Definitely a video aspiring coaches will want to watch.

To be clear: Yes, conditioning does matter and yes, Keenan Cornelius probably trains more in a week than you will this month. No one’s saying conditioning doesn’t matter. But how you ration out your effort to opponents can make or break your longevity.


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