Learn A Potent Guard Pass And Leg Lock Flow With 10th Planet Black Belt Marvin Castelle

The variety of techniques that you’ll encounter on a given day at 10th Planet Headquarters will take you down a rabbit hole. Professor Marvin Castelle is a regular in teaching rubber guard class, advanced class, and the leg lock focused classes. 


Watch as he illustrates a common flow he has his students run through, emphasizing the interplay between positional advancement and the threat of submission attacks.

Click here to check out his Dark Arts Rashguard line, available for all different sizes and belt ranks.

Marvin will be teaching Dark Arts camp from January 24-25 in Portland at Art Of War MMA and February 15-16 at 10th Planet Omaha. Owners of the Dark Arts limited edition rashguard receive 20% off seminar costs. Don’t miss out on your chance on learning some west-coast wizardry from one of the premier grapplers in the 10th Planet system.


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