Mike Hulick’s Baseball Bat Choke Puts Competitor to Sleep

You may not know Mike Hulick’s name just yet, but you’re probably going to soon enough. The bearded Darkside BJJ standout has been collecting medals all over the country, including gold at IBJJF’s New York Open and Denver Open. A proud submission hunter, the Houston-based fighter just showed off one of this favorite chokes in competition yet again, subbing his opponent to sleep at Five Grappling.

It’s not the first time Hulick has reached for the bat to get the job done. But it’s impressive each time. He says he’s looking to show off more leg lock finishes, but for now…yeah, this will do.

Since Mike has used this one in competition standing and from the bottom, maybe he’ll throw us a little tutorial video breaking down why his choke is so effective. You can follow his rise here.


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