5 Elevator Self-Defense Survival Tips By Eve Gracie

Predators can be present anywhere. Based off real life scenarios presented to her, Eve Gracie took it upon herself to present 5 principles that can help anyone maintain survival probability in an elevator situation.

The concepts are as follows:

  • 1. If you don’t feel comfortable around them before getting on, simply wait for the next ride.
  • 2. If you’re going to ride together always stand by the buttons. Ask them which floor they are going to and push the button for them. If they are going to the same floor as you and you feel unsafe, pick a different floor.
  • 3. If he attacks, whoever manages the distant manages the damage. In such a close compact space, your best bet is to clinch as soon as possible and take away the distance he has to land a significant blow. Angle yourself toward the elevator door and when it opens, push off and get to safety.
  • 4. If you fall to the ground; maintain distance with your feet, up kick if possible, and don’t let him reach your face.
  • 5. If he’s still standing after an upkick, use the opportunity to lock him in a triangle choke.

Techniques covered in this video, as well as many more, will be covered at a free 2.5-hour women’s self-defense seminar catered specifically for first-time students at the Gracie University held by Eve and Rener on January 11, 2020, as well as other free Women-Empowered seminars at Gracie Certified Training Centers around the world. Registration information for all of them can be found here.


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