Got Grip Strength? Watch Danny Hodge Crush an Apple with His Bare Hand

Danny Hodge was born 50 years too soon. The University of Oklahoma wrestling great won three NCAA wrestling titles as well as a silver medal in the 1956 Summer Olympics. In addition to being a great grappler, Hodge was also a pugilist who won a Chicago Golden Gloves title and racked up an impressive 17-0 record amateur record and an 8-2 professional boxing record. If he was in his athletic prime today, he would likely be a top contender in the UFC. Instead, Hodge pursued a professional wrestling career where he held the NWA Jr. Heavyweight title and was a star in the Mid-South region of the United States.

Hodge was known for his incredible grip strength and would often crush apples with one hand. In the video below, which was shot in 2009, a then 77 year old Hodge showed he still had it as he crushed an apple with his right hand. So while you work on improving your own grip strength, just remember that you still will never be as strong or as cool as Danny Hodge.


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