GRAPHIC: Ronda Rousey Almost Lost Her Finger While Filming A TV Show

Ronda Rousey was nearly left with just nine fingers after a “freak accident” that happened while she was filming Fox’s 9-1-1 TV show… and she didn’t even realize it at first.

Rousey revealed in an Instagram post that she’d been filming her first take on the show when a boat door fell on her hand. Used to working through pain, she didn’t even look at her finger, figuring it was just “jammed,” and continued shooting. Once she realized the extent of the damage, she told the director what had happened and was rushed to the hospital to have her finger reattached.

Thankfully, it looks like Rousey will be just fine. In fact, after the procedure, she returned to film the rest of her scenes the next day and has already regained 50 percent range of motion in just a few days.

See the photo and Rousey’s statement below, but be warned: the photo is extremely graphic and not for the squeamish.


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