Grappling Industries Is Shaking Things Up This Weekend At The Arnold Sport Festival With An Over 500 Person Tournament AND a Gordon Ryan Seminar!

For anyone who is familiar with competition jiu-jitsu about a decade ago and longer, the Arnold Classic has a long history of hosting a premier grappling tournament.  For the past several years, however, the tournament has fallen into disrepair either due to poor management, poor attendance or something in between.  The drought of the Arnold’s has at long last come to an end with the always innovative Grappling Industries bringing their slick, well run production to the strong man contest’s sideshow.

Grappling Industries North American director, Marcos Flores, had this to say about bringing his show to the Arnold’s:

“Arnold’s was great to work with. They had the same goal we had. Bring the prestige back to Grappling at the Arnold’s.

I think with the amount of competitors we brought this year has done that. We closed at 562 individual competitors. This is the largest Arnold’s and Ohio event in 10 years. It clearly shows the love Ohio has for us and the Arnold’s.”

On Sunday, the day after the Arnold’s, Grappling Industries will be hosting a second event, this time a seminar taught by none other than Gordon Ryan.  Grappling Industries is offering this seminar to competitors for a discounted rate.  While tournament registration is already closed, anyone who wants to come participate can also register through Friday HERE 

And as a friendly reminder, NO VIDEO AT THE GORDON RYAN SEMINAR!

With Grappling Industries constantly pushing the envelope, providing their patrons with a unique and innovative rule set and round robin format, and constantly expanding into new locales, it is no surprise that the promotion is enjoying so much success.

If you are interested in seeing what 562 competitors at a tournament in the middle of Ohio looks like, come witness the melding of two brands this Saturday at the Arnold Sports Festival!


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